78 Chemin de Lanusse - 31200 TOULOUSE

The VM Ballet Home


♦ An inviting and welcoming place for students living far away from Toulouse

Manager : Marie-Christine Restes

HOME, is the name of the Pavilion welcoming students of the VM Ballet school who’s families live far away from Toulouse.
A family style boarding house supervised by Marie-Christine Restes who takes great care of all the students. She is very involved in the students wellbeing and watches after their sleep and nutrition.
VM Ballet offers the possibility to Students who can not go back home on the weekends to stay at the VMBallet Home.
Carina Benraad is a Bio chef and delivers every day the students lunch at the VM Ballet school. Students get to choose every week from a menu what they enjoy eating (2 proposals of dishes per day mainly always fish or meat). Every meal is perfectly balanced in terms of nutritious quality.
Food is Organic, Fresh and Local.
Health is Wealth !

♦ La Mêlée des Saveurs – A healthy way of eating for the well-being of our students

Chef : Carina BENRAAD

Fresh, Organic, Local.
This is the motto of this creative chef who is educating our students taste buds with a variety of nutritious foods. It’s the joy to share my passion for cooking. A style of cooking inspired by my many trips around the world. I love to explore tastes and flavors to reach a result full of originality and zest for the pleasure of the palate. This is how Carina likes to introduce herself. VM Ballet is very happy to have established a partnership with La Mêlée des Saveurs. All students of the school have the opportunity to order her delicious meals.