78 Chemin de Lanusse - 31200 TOULOUSE



Caution! Any initial contact with the VMBALLET must be made by e-mail to the following address: contact@vmballet.com
Auditions for the 2023-2024 season are OPEN.
Don’t forget that the Winter and Spring workshops can be used as Audition. You can download the application form for the Winter 2023 workshop on the first page of the website.






  1. Download the application form for audition , fill it out without forgetting to join the necessary documents
  2. Send the application form with a short video* by email or post at *VM Ballet – Dossier de candidature – 78 chemin de Lanusse – F-31200 TOULOUSE.
  3. When we receive your application form and your video and if we select your application, Vinciane Ghyssens, director of the VMBallet will contact you to talk about the professional goals of the student and to make an appointment for the audition.

 *Video : Barre : pliés, dégagés, adage Center : dégagés, Adage, Pirouettes, Small , Medium and big jumps. 2 exercises on pointes including pirouettes for girls.