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Health & Self-Care

Health and Self-Care Program for Dancers

A program for the dancer to enjoy optimal health
A program to prevent injuries


  • I listen to, know, respect and take care of my body
  • I take on responsibility for my health, my energy and my wellbeing
  • I bring with me in my career my “Personal Health and Self Care Program “

The Result

  • I can dance to my fullest potential and enjoy it day after day
  • I am a reliable dancer for the Company who hires me

The Program

  • How to prevent injuries
  • Reinforcement
  • How to recuperate
  • Self-Care

The Tools

  • Nutrition and Bio-Individuality
  • Sleep
  • Breathing and Oxygenation
  • Specific Exercises
  • Treatments

The Team

Vinciane Ghyssens Director of the VM Ballet, Head Teacher and Coach  – Matthew Madsen Director of the VM Ballet, Head Teacher, Choreographer and Coach – Thomas Menet-Haure Masseur, Physical Therapist, Podiatrist – Julian Knoff –Osteopathe  Karine Baraton Coach specialized in mental training and relaxation massage  Paola Pagano Trainer in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis