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The Youth America Grand Prix

The Youth America Grand Prix is the biggest international Ballet competition and one of the most prestigious.
YAGP offers students the opportunity to be seen on stage in Classical and Contemporary variations as well as in daily Ballet classes by directors and teachers from reknowned schools and companies.
The Mission of YAGP is to offer scholarships, workshops and also to give the opportunity to company directors or Dance school directors to invite students to join their structure.
YAGP attracts each year 8000 students from around the world.


Soana Madsen, formed at the VMBallet joins the YAGP competition in Barcelona in November 2018 and is selected to attend the Final round in New-York in April 2019.
She performs the Variation of the Dream from Raymonda at the Lincoln Center in New-York after a week of intense competition with the best talents from around the world.
She is given

  • A scholarship for the Trainee with Ballet West Utah
  • An invitation to audition for the Junior Company of Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam
  • A Summer scholarship at the European school of Ballet in Amsterdam
  • A place at the Trainee at the European school of Ballet in Amsterdam
  • An invitation for an audition at the Finish National Ballet

Through her video presentation, Soana is invited by Mikko Nissinen for a private audition for the Boston Ballet, one of her dream company.
On the 5th of August 2019 she joins Boston Ballet II and begins her career as a professional dancer.



Lucas Hessel, student at the VM Ballet is in the Top 12 of the Paris YAGP.
He is offered a scholarship at the John Cranko school in Stuttgart and joins this prestigious school in September 2019.
He is also offered scholarships at the Munich Ballet school, Rosella Hightower school in Cannes and the European school of Ballet in Amsterdam



Sarah BARTHEZ and Hannaë MIQUEL, both students of the VM Ballet are in the Top 12 of the YAGP 2017 in Barcelona.
Sarah dances with English National Ballet, Ballet du Capitole in Toulouse and the National Opera in Bordeaux as an extra dancer in the Great Classical repertoire.
After the competition Hannaë is invited to audition for the Junior Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam . She joins the Trainee at the Bayerische Staatsoper Munich.



Melvin Lawovi,formed at the VM Ballet, wins 1st Price in the Classical category in Barcelona in December 2017.
He is directly contacted by the director of the Dutch National Ballet Junior Company who offers him a contract.
This never happened before. Usually contrac offers occures after the Final round in New-York.
The American Ballet Junior Company is also very interested in Melvin and they offer him a 6 months contract starting in January 2018.
He is also offered to Join the Houston Ballet Junior Company and the Royal Ballet school.
Melvin chooses to go to ABTJunior Company , his dream was to dance in New-York !


The Great Quatuor! Eléa Bigot, Soana Madsen, Thomas Rousse et Melvin Lawovi interpreted the Czardas from Vittorio Monti.
Matthew Madsen’s choreography receives a standing ovation and the dancers the highest points from the VM Ballet competitors with a total of 94,75 /100.
The organizers of the competition invites the Quatuor to present the Czardas during the YAGP tour and at the Final in New York.


Between all students from VM Ballet, Jonathan Klein, a young boy from Toulouse, shines.
Jonathan attends the YAGP competition in Paris in 2013 where he wins the 1st place in both Classical and Contemporary. During the Final YAGP competition  in New York he is invited to take class with American Ballet Theatre and is noticed by Kevin Mc Kenzie director of ABT. Back in Toulouse after the competition Kevin Mc Kenzie phones Jonathan at the VMBallet school and offers him a contract in the company Jonathan is then 18 years old and starts his professional career !